This is what you are looking for

Like most of you who landed in this page, I was looking for the webpage of the Saint Gabriel Parish. Was running late one night and wanted to confirm the last Mass schedule because a delayed mass the previous week got me a bit confused. Googled for the schedule and telephone numbers but found none. Missed mass that time.

Will try to post information here related to our parish. Maybe other parishioners can do the same. Am actually crossing my fingers that the students and graduates of Saint Gabriel Academy can help collect information about Saint Gabriel, our church and the community.

We can all use this as a temporary page for important announcements as we help plan and create a complete website.

Thanks. God Bless!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My cellphone CAM and I

Random shots using my trusty old cellphones -- the cameras of the Nokia N70 and HTC TouchPro2.

The first 2 pictures were taken using a Nokia N70 with a 2MP main camera. The other pictures, using an HTC TouchPro2 with a 3MP cam. All images were adjusted a bit -- Added more contrast and brightness.

The biggest difference is the color of the images. The Nokia appear to take more vibrant pictures. The HTC shots look serious. Or is it just the time of the day the pictures were taken?

Do I need a quick course on photography, or what? :)