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Like most of you who landed in this page, I was looking for the webpage of the Saint Gabriel Parish. Was running late one night and wanted to confirm the last Mass schedule because a delayed mass the previous week got me a bit confused. Googled for the schedule and telephone numbers but found none. Missed mass that time.

Will try to post information here related to our parish. Maybe other parishioners can do the same. Am actually crossing my fingers that the students and graduates of Saint Gabriel Academy can help collect information about Saint Gabriel, our church and the community.

We can all use this as a temporary page for important announcements as we help plan and create a complete website.

Thanks. God Bless!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Trivia: Ash Wednesday is technically 40 days before Easter

Checked the calendar thrice but i count 46 days from Ash Wednesday to before Easter Sunday. Did I miss something?

Lent is six weeks. We prepare for Easter by praying, fasting, abstaining, cleansing ourselves for the coming of Jesus.

Remove the six sundays, and its 40. So, sundays are not counted because they are considered days of celebration.


I wonder whats special with the number 40? It came out several times in the bible, starting from the 40days and 40 nights of Noah.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Holy week schedule

Semana Santa at Saint Gabriel the Archangel Parish
Pag-ibig ni KrIsto – Ang Inspirasyon ng Parokyang Masigla

March 25. Prusisyon ng Palaspas
March 27. 
7:00PM Film showing
March 28. 
4:00PM Daan ng Krus
7:00PM Film showing
5:30PM Misa ng huling hapunan at paghuhugas ng paa
7:00PM Visita Iglesia
5:30AM Daan ng Krus
12:00NN Siete Palabras
3:00PM Divine Mercy Novena
3:30PM Good FridayService
5:00PM Prusisyon ng Pasyon
6:30PM Paglilibing ng Santo Entierro
7:30PM Easter Vigil Celebration
4:00AM Salubong: Prusisyon at Banal na Misa
6:30AM Start of regular Sunday Masses

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday

Today is the first day of Holy Week.

Palm Sunday commemorates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. He rode a donkey, which symbolizes peace.

Palm Sunday at Saint Gabriel.

Trivia: Fr. Kennedy said he has P2k in his pocket, for anyone who knows the meaning of Hosanna.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Saint Gabriel Academy

For quality Catholic education, enroll your children in Saint Gabriel Academy. 

That invitation of Fr. Kennedy Neral, SGA rector, repeats and repeats in my mind. I wonder why!?

They say that if you are not on facebook, you do not exist. For more information,

Last time I heard, there are available scholarships and discounts. So hurry and give Fr. Ken a call.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


The parish pastoral council. Hindi lang pang sayawan, pang kantahan din.

Was praying with my eyes closed when i heard the choir sing. I thought they sounded different. I openned my eyes and I saw ma singing in front with her PPC and Mother Butlers Guild friends.

Araw ni San Gabriel

The Lord is truly good. An empty parking space was waiting for us. Thank you so much!

Its St Gabriel the Archangel’s day. The program started early. Song and dance by the PPC. Balloon ceremony. Lechon tonight.